Debbie Levitt – Ep 3

Recorded – 4/18/2021
Published – 6/16/2021

Debbie Levitt (@Delta_CX) has been a CX and UX strategist, specialist, speaker, and corporate trainer since 1995. Back then, she was strategizing websites for The Miss America Organization, Schering-Plough, local businesses, and customizing large eCommerce sites before off-the-shelf systems were a thing. On the side, she taught schoolteachers to write HTML and stop stealing images off the web.

As a “serial contractor” who lived in the Bay Area for most of the 2010s, Debbie has influenced interfaces at Sony, Wells Fargo, Constant Contact, Macys.com, Oracle, and a variety of Silicon Valley startups. Clients have given her the nickname, “Mary Poppins,” because she flies in, solves problems, improves everything she can, and sings a few songs. One client nicknamed her, “Tenacious D.” for being a change agent and tireless advocate for the customer.

Delta CX is the side of Debbie’s business aimed at corporate education, training, consulting, and bringing her team of veteran CX and UX experts to projects of all sizes. The Ptype (short for “prototype”) side of her business targets smaller projects and clients, many of whom are still learning what CX or UX is. Same model and core principles, different budgets and strategies.

Debbie has presented at conferences including eBay’s Developer Conference, PayPal’s Developer Conference, UXPA, and WeAreDevelopers. Debbie also writes a regular column for CMSWire’s Digital Experience channel. She is an O’Reilly published author, one of few instructors on the planet recommended by Axure, and runs public and private courses for CX/UX and non-CX/UX roles. Trainees have included employees of Oracle, Salesforce, NBC Universal, Intuit, CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation), Sephora, Newport News Shipbuilding, and consultancies including Razorfish, Fjord, Rauxa, and Slalom Consulting.

Outside of CX work, and sometimes during CX work, Debbie enjoys singing symphonic prog goth metal, opera, and New Wave. She now splits her time between the USA and rural Italy.

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Show Notes

(all times are approximate)

Jeremy & Debbie on Lee Andrese’s show
UX vs. CX – :04
Aspirologies – :07
Accountability – :11
Trapped as a production designer :17
UX & HR – :19
Debbie’s HR Training
What we call ourselves – :24
Origin stories – :31
Breaking into UX – :35
Don Norman Article and Future of Design Education
Apprenticeship model
MVP – :41
Culture – :50
Phases of Proficiency Model
Evaluating a team when interviewing – :54
Evolving a team towards higher quality – :57
UX & Inclusion – 1:00
Acuity Scheduling (not sponsored)
Accountability II – 1:09
Four Horseman of UX – 1:11

Dan Brown – Ep 2

Recorded – 3/31/2021
Published – 6/9/2021

Dan Brown (@brownorama) is a UX professional with over two decades of experience in the industry.

Since 1994, Dan’s focused on digital product discovery and definition, user research, information architecture, content strategy and interaction design for content-heavy sites and complex web applications. He’s worked on teams large and small to perfect collaboration and productivity. In 2006, Dan co-founded EightShapes with Nathan Curtis to serve clients in healthcare, education, not-for-profit, and high-tech.


Show Notes

~3m – Changes in the work
~4m – Current Challenges
– Definition of adulthood – No simple explanations
~6m – Speed of design
~11m – Design systems & thinking deeply
~14m – Missing design skills
~15m – What we call ourselves
~19m – Separation of research and design
~24m – Dual role of UX in modern software development
~27m – What we have control over? (serenity prayer)
~30m – Methods & Vision
~31m – Facilitating design conversations
~34m – IA Lenses
~35m – Externalize the process
~37m – Unconscious competence model
~39m – Mike Monteiro on presenting design
~40m – How to state a problem
~44m – Diversity in UX
~45m – Mentoring

Nick Finck – Growing People, Teams, & More – Ep1

Recorded – 3/25/2021
Published – 6/2/2021

Nick Finck (@nickf) is a UX professional with over two decades of experience in the industry. He strives to improve people’s lives through crafting well-designed experiences that matter. Nick currently consults businesses on UX design and research through Craft & Rigor in Seattle. Before this, he was in leadership roles at Amazon Web Services, Facebook, Ubermind, Deloitte Digital, projekt202, and his own agency Blue Flavor.

Nick’s contributions to the UX community go far and wide. He is an experienced public speaker and has given over 102 talks in 10 countries. He has mentored countless industry professionals and career transitioners. Nick is also the curator of UXSeattle.org, a resource for UX professionals in the greater Seattle area. Earlier in his career, he was the publisher of Digital Web Magazine, an online magazine for web professionals.



Show Notes

~2m – What is UX
~4m – Current Challenges
~6m – Goals & Metrics
~7m – Gung Ho Movie
~8m – Symptoms VS Deeper Problems
~10m – Structuring Orgs
~15m – The road to hell is paved with good intentions
~16m – Nielsen Norman Group Maturity Model Stages 1-4 Stages 5-8
~34m – Organizational Underwear (a simple example, not the originator of the phrase)
~36m – Building Teams
~41m – The Value & Potential in Junior Designers
~44m – Growing Teams and Individuals
~54m – Farmers & Hunters