Dan Brown – Ep 2

Recorded – 3/31/2021
Published – 6/9/2021

Dan Brown (@brownorama) is a UX professional with over two decades of experience in the industry.

Since 1994, Dan’s focused on digital product discovery and definition, user research, information architecture, content strategy and interaction design for content-heavy sites and complex web applications. He’s worked on teams large and small to perfect collaboration and productivity. In 2006, Dan co-founded EightShapes with Nathan Curtis to serve clients in healthcare, education, not-for-profit, and high-tech.


Show Notes

~3m – Changes in the work
~4m – Current Challenges
– Definition of adulthood – No simple explanations
~6m – Speed of design
~11m – Design systems & thinking deeply
~14m – Missing design skills
~15m – What we call ourselves
~19m – Separation of research and design
~24m – Dual role of UX in modern software development
~27m – What we have control over? (serenity prayer)
~30m – Methods & Vision
~31m – Facilitating design conversations
~34m – IA Lenses
~35m – Externalize the process
~37m – Unconscious competence model
~39m – Mike Monteiro on presenting design
~40m – How to state a problem
~44m – Diversity in UX
~45m – Mentoring