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About Richard Banfield

Richard Banfield is the co-author of Product Leadership and Design Sprints, a transformational product leader, a serial entrepreneur, an artist, and a popular keynote speaker.

​Richard has decades of hands-on experience assembling teams and making digital products. Creating compelling vision-led solutions with bottom-line results and identifying new market opportunities is his core focus. He rolls up his sleeves and works closely with executive leadership, product teams, GTM stakeholders, and customers to objectively discover and invent the best outcomes.

Richard was born in South Africa and spent his first 30 years experiencing much of what Africa has to offer. Today, he lives with his family outside the beautiful city of Boston where he’s surrounded by some of the most creative and innovative people in the world. Being raised as an artist and educated as a scientist has given him a deep appreciation for combining evidence-based and bold experimental approaches.

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