Brian Kalma – Ep 4

Brian (@krianbalma) started at Zappos back in 2002, where he served as the Head of Marketing before until 2010. Brian was then the Lead of UX design at Gilt Groupe, and later founded Snipwits, which was acquired by Gemvara, where he served as Chief Experience Officer. Brian found himself continuing his passion of helping people live better lives and helping other businesses make an impact. He did that through the launch of his own user experience consulting firm called GetGlorious and worked as a Design Chief at a startup incubator where he was angel investing and startup advising. Brian returned to Zappos, using his knowledge of business and applying it as the Entrepreneur in Residence. 

Brian Kalma has also co-founded WonderMile and Dough, and also served as Advisor at Flybridge Capital Partners. 

Show Notes

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Brian’s background – :01
Company alignment – :06
Metrics – :10
Speaking to business – :14
State of UX – :19 | Shopify
UX tug of war – :23
Intuition & process – :24
How do you learn – :26
UX’ers should run a business – :29
Startup vs. big co? – :32
Efficiency vs. Experience – :33 | Calendly doodle