April Starr – Ep 15 & 16

Part 1

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Part 2

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About April Starr

April Starr leads the Experience Research team at Motorola Solutions. Her team works to understand the complex needs of first responders in mission critical situations. April is passionate about the impact design can have in mitigating high stress situations. April has 20 years of human-centered innovation experience as a leader and practitioner on both research and design sides. She has worked across a wide range of industries including consumer electronics, automotive, telecommunications, financial services, retail, industrial products, consumer packaged goods, education, healthcare, and government. 

April’s focus over the past decade has been designing products and services with data at the core of the offering: scaling a continuous workplace measurement service, encouraging transparency in investment product sales, tools to streamline data management and analysis processes, and leveraging large scale behavioral patterns to enhance learning, to name a few. 

April teaches Service Design at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Institute of Design. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Industrial Design from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master of Design degree from Illinois Institute of Technology’s Institute of Design. In response to her husband’s death, she designed and published a series of cancer treatment worksheets to help others.

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Show Notes

All times are approximate – hh:mm

Part 1

State of UX :02
UX & Agility :07
Agile Manifesto
Org structure :12
Prioritization :16
Team structure :19
Skewed expectations :26
Teaching design :29

Part 2

Creating a research curriculum :01
Critical skills :03
Honing in on the problem :06
Choosing your teachers :12
Jabe Bloom
Inspiration :14
Cancer worksheets :16
Advice for beginners :30