Ahmad Alhuwwari – Ep 9 & 10

Part 1

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Part 2

About Ahmed Alhuwwari

Ahmed Alhuwwari (@alhuwwari), started and manages the UX practice at Orange Jordan.

He got his Master’s in Australia, and worked in UX there and in Germany before returning to Aman, Jordan to help grow UX in the Arabic world.

With over 14 years of dedicated focus in information architecture, visual design, and interface design, Ahmed is a UX leader, teacher, coach, mentor, and speaker.

Show Notes

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Part 1

State of UX; Arabic World & Rest of the World – :05
Orange Jordan (Arabic language site)
Career Foundry
Ahmed’s online UX course (link coming soon)
Evolution of UX in the Arabic World – :11
Nielsen Normal UX Maturity Model
Building UX at Orange Jordan – :15
Balancing Urgent & Strategic – :21
Global Guidelines and Local Customization – :32

Part 2

(Show notes coming soon)